Sunday, 13 October 2013


The space you left I cannot fill, It feels eternal like
clouds that kill a summer sky.
And me, at fault for much, guilty as memories of your touch fade my penance is that what remains.
Your taste your smell, burnt onto my weary soul during time alone in our private word as we stared,
bewildered but smitten like children on an everlasting Christmas morning.
You gave me good warning but I, still falling, In pieces,
heard nothing but the sound of me drowning
In tears meant for you not I.
With nothing and everything
Ears ringing, lust deafening, a secret society of two,
As we joined each other like no other,ever had or ever will
Is that true?
As I write I hear that sound again
From another place it comes and then
I realise it's a different voice
Another heart beats alongside yours
The heart I only served to crush
Why could I not,allow your love,
To touch that space I could not fill,
And now your gone
Perhaps never will?

1 comment:

Kev Bushby said...

Great piece. I think anyone with at least half a heart coould relate to it.